• Award Nominations

    Professional Awards Graphic

    Each year, GSPRA reaches out for nominations to find inspiring GSPRAns that we can recognize and honor. The nomination window is currently open and will close on Nov. 3, 2020. There are three awards that can go out to our comrades who are doing outstanding work in school PR. Please nominate individuals in our chapter, schools and/or communities that are well-deserving of recognition. It’s up to you to make sure they get the recognition they deserve, so don’t miss this opportunity!

    The awards are as follows: 

    Anne Raymond Distinguished Service Award: This award honors a GSPRA member for his or her commitment and dedication to the organization and to the profession. Typically, this member has gone above and beyond the call to support GSPRA and GSPRAns. Any GSPRA member in good standing may nominate a fellow member for this award. Only members in good standing are eligible for this award. Click here to submit a nomination.

    Marie Wofford Professional Growth Award: This award recognizes a GSPRA member for outstanding work in the field of public relations prior to and during the previous school year. A nominated member may be at any point (early, mid-career, retiring, etc.) in his or her career. Nominations will be accepted from members, colleagues, supervisors, and superintendents/Board members. Only members in good standing are eligible for this award. Click here to submit a nomination.

    Outstanding Leadership in School/Community Relations Award: This award recognizes an individual, other than those directly responsible for a public relations program, who has proven himself or herself to be a leader in using effective school/community relations to build support for public education in his or her community. Nominations will be accepted from any Georgia school, school system, postsecondary institution, educational agency, or association. Click here to submit a nomination.