• Charging Station On May 21, 2020, school public relations professional in the state of Georgia hosted their first-ever webinar professional learning for its members. The topic, 'Charging Station', focused on wellness with four mental health and social services professionals serving as panelists. 

    The GSPRA Board brought the session together after cancelling their in-person learning event due to COVID-19. They saw the need to still provide members with tangible tips that could help them through their increasing workloads while dealing with the mental mindfulness a pandemic presents to their personal and professional lives.

    There were 30 professionals from Georgia and across the country that attended the free hour-long session. During the discussions, the panelists shared tips about mindfulness, relaxation techniques, balancing work and home, and more. 

    If members were not able to attend the session, you can view a copy of the session here by selecting this link:

    GSPRA 'Charging Station' Webinar Files

    The link contains files in a podcast format and video format. You can also view the video chat session text. 

    In the post survey, 100 percent of respondents:

    • Agreed or strongly agreed that the webinar was a valuable use of time
    • Stated the webinar met or exceeded their expectations
    • Stated the presenters were either very good or excellent
    • Want to see more online learning events in the future