• GSPRA’s Beliefs

    • Public relations is a crucial management function essential to the success of education

    • Honesty, integrity, accuracy, and ethical behavior are paramount

    • Building and nurturing relationships is the foundation of effective communication and are the shared duty of all stakeholders in education

    • GSPRA is a leader in ongoing professional development for school public relations

    GSPRA’s Vision

    • GSPRA’s vision is to be the leading advocate for effective school public relations in Georgia.

    GSPRA’s Mission

    • GSPRA provides expertise, resources, and support to enable school systems to communicate effectively in support of public education

    GSPRA’s 2006-2010 Goals and Objectives

    Goal #1: To build greater support for public education through effective communication.
    • Offer annual state conferences.
    • Offer GSPRA road show to RESAs and individual school systems.
    • Identify and implement opportunities for state-wide projects.
    • Increase numbers of accredited members.
    • Provide resources to assist school public relations professionals.
    Goal #2: To strengthen GSPRA as a viable organization by increasing membership and participation
    • Each year see an increase in membership by 10%.
    • Strengthen recruitment and retention process.
    • Implement an automatic renewal process.
    • Make annual contact with school systems to identify point people in PR, PIE and web development.
    • Develop and implement a three year mentor program for new members (appoint a mentor coordinator and hold training for mentees).
    • Send/mail GSPRA materials and fliers to point people.
    • Ask current members to distribute conference materials to their internal audiences.
    • Identify leaders in point people group to develop materials and presentations
      Promote NSPRA membership.
    Goal #3: To expand GSPRA’s visibility and leadership in education public relations.
    • Develop and nurture partnerships with other educational organizations.
    • Encourage and support members to attain leadership roles in NSPRA and other public relations organizations.
    • Promote universal accreditation and assist members through mentors and resources.
    • Position GSPRA members as experts in the field of public relations.
    • Establish and communicate organizational positions on public education issues.
Last Modified on October 29, 2015