• What is the SPARK! Campaign?SPARK

    GSPRA is partnering with the Georgia Vision Project to support the SPARK! campaign, an advocacy campaign to celebrate public education in Georgia and to change the perception of our schools by changing the conversation about our schools. GSPRA will develop and maintain a SPARK! Campaign Toolkit on this website.
    With this campaign, we will focus on the successes of our graduates, the inspired work of our teachers, and the support of our communities for their schools. We will do that through real data and stories about how public schools all over our state are stepping up to the challenge of preparing our students for college, career and life. We will:

    • Ignite: creating statewide enthusiasm and educating the community on successes;

    • Transform: changing the perception via media and business opportunities; and

    • Fortify: strengthening the partnership between parents and educators.

    Over the next two years, the SPARK! campaign will be led by a steering committee of educators and business and community leaders, with the following Plan of Action:

    • To illustrate the accomplishments of our schools, our graduates, and our educators; 

    • To establish a connection with communities by highlighting these successes in their own schools; 

    • To enlighten and educate our communities about how teachers "spark" interest in learning in our students' lives. This "spark" shapes their career choices, interest in community service, and interest in other pursuits (sports, arts, etc.) that lead to healthy, productive lives; and

    • To empower supporters to make a difference in their communities and across the state.The time is NOW to embrace this vision and to set a new course for public education in Georgia. Our students deserve no less.

    The Georgia Vision Project is a joint venture of the Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) and the Georgia School Superintendents Association (GSSA), formed in 2009 to create a comprehensive and coherent vision for public education in the state of Georgia.

    Our vision is that public education in Georgia will provide all children an equitable and excellent education that prepares them for college, career and life. The recommendations set forth in this vision are organized into seven system components: Early Learning; Teaching and Learning; Teaching and Learning Resources; Human and Organizational Capital; Governance; Leadership and Accountability; Culture and Climate; and Financial Resources.

    We believe that these recommendations, when implemented effectively, will transform public education in Georgia.