• SPARK! Campaign Video Project 

    In partnership with the Georgia Vision Project, GSPRA is helping to launch a new SPARK! Campaign video project, featuring short videos from current students and recent graduates of Georgia schools.student

    A series of new PSAs will promote the education “heroes” in our schools who make a difference for Georgia schoolchildren, with shout outs from young people from around the state… in their own words and in a familiar format.

    Very short videos— recorded on their smartphone or tablet— will answer the question “Which adult makes (or made) a difference for you at school?”

    The goal of the video project is to highlight the amazing work of our teachers and the difference they make for our students and their success. (Future videos will focus on the impact of leaders and innovation on student success.)

    The best student videos will be pulled together in PSAs that will be used in a promotional campaign (and available for use by local districts as well). 

    That’s where you come in…

    We need your help gathering videos from your students. You may choose to contact specific individuals or you may put out an all-call to local schools or the community. Just ask students and recent graduates to follow the criteria below and submit videos to sparktoolkit@gmail.com with SPARK Video Project in the subject line.
    Videos also can be posted and tweeted with the campaign hashtag: #SPARKgeorgiaED.
    • Video is recorded on a smartphone or tablet, not in a professional studio.
    • Recording is short, probably 10 to 20 seconds.
    • Video features a current student or recent graduate (2005 or more recent) from a Georgia public school.
    • Message names a teacher (or other adult at school) and a school and the reason that person makes a difference.
    • The teacher does not have to be the student’s current teacher. May be from a previous grade level or retired.
    • Student does not give his or her own name, but school has permission on hand for promotional use for any current student.

    If you have questions about the video project, please contact Justin Pauly at 770-962-6743 (jpauly@gsba.com) or Dr. Stan DeJarnett at 706-474-2807 (sdejarnett@gavisionproject.org).  

    Please share information about the SPARK! Video Project with your school community.