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    Observances and Activities

    Promotional Focus

    Examples of Activities




    Classroom Teachers

    Letter to the editor celebrating the school start

    Profiles of innovative teachers on website and publications

    Engage audiences with social media 


    National Preparedness Month

    Constitution Week/Citizenship Day

    International Literacy Day

    Grandparent Day


    Public Education as a Cornerstone of Democracy


    Safety and Readiness


    Conduct a student video contest on public schools and their role in our country’s prosperity

    Blog post on how our schools prepare students for their future

    Profiles of successful students on website, in publications

    Invite grandparents and school “neighbors” without children in schools to attend special activities, team student groups with senior centers (“senior” prom, etc.)


    Computer Learning Month

    National Principals Month

    National School Lunch Week

    National/Ga. School Bus Safety Week

    Outstanding Leaders

    Support Staff

    Technology in Schools 


    Technology open house with student-produced work and presentations

    Profiles of outstanding leaders on website, in publications

    Share fact sheet, make a presentation to your business community

    Highlight contributions of support staff in school marquee signs


    Ga. Apply to College Month

    Election Day

    Veterans Day

    American Education Week

    National Parental Involvement Day


    Classroom Teachers

    Successful graduates

    Public Education as a Cornerstone of Democracy

    Involved Parents

    ThankATeacher: Encourage students and parents to use social media to thank a teacher (#ThankATeacher, #SPARKEDinGa)

    Profiles of successful graduates on website, in publications

    VIP event for very involved parents

    College-going Celebration 


    Bill of Rights Day

    Legislative Priorities

    School Funding

    Board Members

    Profile of Board on website, in publications

    Share infographics that show statewide gains

    Guest editorial about value of public education from elected official 


    National Mentoring Month

    Georgia General Assembly opens

    MLK Day

    Value of mentors

    Community partners

    Importance of civic engagement


    Profiles of mentors, partners on website, in publications

    Invite community for school tours, events, performances

    Highlight student volunteers who have made a difference in the community

    Provide volunteer opportunities for community


    National Technical Education Month

    National School Counseling Week

    National PTA Founders Day

    Career education


    Home-School Partnership

    Profiles of counselors on website, in publications

    PTA activities

    The Face of Public Education in Georgia (SPARK photo album via Flickr or Instagram, #SPARKEDinGa)

    Highlight innovative career/college preparation initiatives


    Music in Our Schools Month

    Youth Art Month

    Exceptional Children’s Week

    National Foreign Language Week

    Read Across America

    National Agriculture Week

    National School Breakfast Week


    Arts in our Schools

    Language Education

    Special Education

    Allied Services


    Arts celebration (student and staff work and performance) in the community

    International festival (FL students, community partners, int’l business)

    Profiles of special education teachers on website, in publications

    Invite dignitaries in to read for RAA

    Promote farm-to-school (SNP, classroom) connections


    School Library Media Month

    National Environmental Education Week

    Week of the Young Child

    National Volunteer Week

    Natl. Student Leadership Wk

    Administrative Prof. Week


    Media Centers and information literacy

    Early Childhood Learning

    School Volunteers

    Student Leaders

    Support Staff


    Profiles of media specialists on website, in publications

    Invite public to outdoor classrooms, promote green activities

    Reach out to pre-K families with kindergarten activities

    Celebrate volunteers and support staff

    Highlight student leaders: principal/superintendent for a day, facilitate a meetings between student leaders and lawmakers or school board members


    National Physical Fitness and Sports Month/Week

    Teacher Appreciation Week/Day

    Appreciation days for SNP, school nurse, school police, custodians, education bosses



    Classroom Teachers and Leaders

    Appreciation for all Staff

    Graduates ready for college, career and life


    Ask graduates to “Share Your Dreams”… show how your schools helped prepare students to pursue their dreams

    Video with Teacher of the Year

    Celebrate teachers and staff

    SPARK photo frames at your schools, SPARK photo booth at school field days or other events