• logo

    Consider using the SPARK! logo as part of a promotional campaign for your district, building on the statewide campaign. Additional materials, including SPARK-branded videos, currently are available or will be added to the Toolkit. These materials are for general use around the state. 
    The logo is available in four formats. Download by right-clicking on the link and saving ("save as") to your computer.

    .eps Format 
    The .eps file is for placement in InDesign, and for providing to a vendor for high-resolution printing. It can be inserted in Microsoft programs as well. While the screen representation won't be good in Microsoft, it will print fine. EPS files are vector, and are scalable. 
    Attachment: Logo in .eps format
    .emf Format 
    The .emf file is for inserting in Microsoft documents (Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, Excel).
    Attachment: Logo in .emf format
    .jpg Format  
    The .jpg is a bitmap file, and should not be enlarged, but can be reduced in size. It is best for electronic documents, and not appropriate for print use.
    Attachment: Logo in .jpg format
    .png Format   
    The .png also is appropriate for web use.
    Attachment: Logo in .png format